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When it becomes necessary for families to consider the appointment of a guardian for the protection of the person or assets of a minor or incapacitated adult, our attorneys stand ready to provide prompt, efficient and cost-effective service. The attorneys at Sanders • Pianowski, LLP are knowledgeable of Indiana and Michigan law relating to guardianships, and we have extensive experience in shepherding guardians through the legal rules and procedures required to comply with the law. We work closely with family members to insure that assets are identified, preserved and reported in accordance with statutory mandates, and we collaborate with banks, accountants and financial institutions as necessary to provide the maximum benefit to the protected person.

In all aspects of family law, our principal objective is the amicable and prompt resolution of potential issues, for the benefit of all. While we will always advocate and actively solicit agreements among family members with respect to the appointment of guardians, we have been involved in many situations that have resulted in adversarial litigation. In those instances, the firm’s strong background and experience in trial work insures that our clients will receive the maximum possible benefit from the effective advocacy which is a hallmark of our professional practice.

Our attorneys who practice in the area of Guardianship:

Matthew A. Yeakey

Matthew A. Yeakey

Attorney at Law, Partner Licensed in Indiana

574.294.1499 Ext 128

Erin E. Bantz Lee

Erin E. Bantz Lee

Attorney at Law, Partner Licensed in Indiana, Michigan

574.294.1499 Ext 122

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